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Commercial Cleaning Services

If it's been a while since you've had a professional cleaning service at your office/commercial property, or maybe you've never had your office cleaned professionally at all, don't worry; Merit Cleaning Services has you covered! We believe that at the very least you should do a deep cleaning of your commercial property a few times a year. It is not only imperative for your business to look clean, but essential to your health, for your employees, guests, and anyone involved in the use of your commercial space, and should be clean and sanitized. A Merit Clean, service eliminates pollutants, germs, allergens, dust, and dirt by cleaning deep into surfaces resulting in a difference you not only see but feel. The proof is in the smell of the air! If it's the first time you are ever using a cleaning service, it is best to start with a deep cleaning service and allow us to put a little extra elbow grease the first time around.

There is a huge difference between a regular cleaning and the efficient results provided by the professionals from Merit Cleaning Services. The dedicated team from Merit Cleaning Services knows what it takes to get your commercial space clean, disinfected, and sanitized. From start to finish, we will give you the personal care and attention that you and your business and commercial space deserve, when you hire us for your cleaning needs. We are here for more than the brick-and-mortar business, we are here for landlords, Airbnb owners, and all types of property owners that require an exceptional clean. At Merit Cleaning Services, we understand that people appreciate having things done a certain way and that is why we customize our cleaning services to suit you and your specific needs and budget. All Merit Cleaning Professionals expertly cater to everything according to your requests and instruction. Merit Cleaning Services provides you with a free over-the-phone consultation. Remember, it is not just clean when you hire us; it's "The Merit Clean."

Have questions about our cleaning services? Give us a call at 833-34-MERIT833-346-3748 or shoot us an email at We are happy to answer all your questions. You can also schedule an appointment through our online booking system; you are in control of your appointment and can make changes anytime.


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