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Move-in/Move out Cleaning Services

Moving is hard enough, and the last thing you should be worried about is getting your new or old home cleaned. Let Merit Cleaning Services handle the move-in or move-out cleaning for you and keep focused on the move or next renter. Whether you are a landlord preparing for a new tenant or a renter moving out, a move-in or move-out cleaning is essential. A Merit Clean, move-in/move-out cleaning service eliminates pollutants, germs, allergens, dust, and dirt by cleaning deeper into the surfaces resulting in a difference you not only see but feel. The proof is in the smell of the air! The dedicated team from Merit Cleaning Services knows what it takes to get your move-in clean or move-out cleaning done!

There is a huge difference between a regular cleaning and a move-in or move-out cleaning, and professionals like Merit Cleaning Services should only handle that! From start to finish, we will give you the personal care you and your home deserve when you hire us for your cleaning needs. All Merit Cleaning Professionals expertly cater to everything according to your requests and instruction. At Merit Cleaning Services, we understand that people appreciate having things done a certain way and that is why we customize our cleaning services to suit you and your specific needs and budget. For move-in and move-out cleans, you can even take a more hands-off approach and not be on-site if you like; we have got you covered. Merit Cleaning Services provides you with a free over-the-phone consultation. Remember, it is not just clean when you hire us; it's "The Merit Clean."

Have questions about our cleaning services? Give us a call at 833-34-MERIT / 8333463748 or shoot us an email at We are happy to answer all your questions. You can also schedule an appointment through our online booking system; you are in control of your appointment and can make changes anytime.

Health and Safety Measures

  • In-person visits
  • Free consultations over the phone
  • Social distancing enforced
  • Staff wears masks
  • Staff wear gloves
  • Contactless payments
  • ECO-FRIENDLY sanitizing, disinfecting, cleaning solutions: ADD-ON OPTION

Included in a Move in/Move out Cleaning Service:

All Rooms

  • Dust/clean/sanitize all surfaces
  • Dust/clean/sanitize all desks, shelves, file cabinets
  • Dust/clean/sanitize reachable vents
  • Dust/clean/sanitize walls
  • Dust/clean/sanitize/sanitize windowsills
  • Dust/clean/sanitize blinds
  • Dust/clean/sanitize light fixtures and lamps
  • Dust/clean/sanitize all baseboards
  • Clean/sanitize all doorknobs, faucets, light switches, handles of drawers and cabinets
  • Clean/disinfect all floors; Double sweep and double mop all floors to ensure a quality clean
  • Vacuum all carpets, rugs, and stairs including hallways and entryways
  • Vacuum Under Furniture and Cushions
  • We will ensure to use of the proper vacuums with HEPA filters and efficiency standards to prevent the redistribution of dust, and pollutants through the air
  • Spot-free, streak-free cleaning of all mirrors & glass
  • Empty and sanitize all trash cans
  • Clean/sanitize door frames and entryways


  • Clean/disinfect all countertops
  • Spot-free, streak-free surface cleaning of all appliances
  • Detail Ceiling Fans
  • Clean/disinfect sinks & faucets
  • Clean coffee maker and coffee/tea/beverage area
  • Clean stovetop/oven/toaster oven interior/exterior
  • Clean the microwave interior/exterior
  • Clean/sanitize all cabinets and drawers inside/out
  • Load dishwasher (if empty)
  • Clean/sanitize the interior and surface of the refrigerator
  • Clean/sanitize all doorknobs, faucets, light switches, handles of drawers and cabinets
  • Clean/disinfect all floors; Double sweep and double mop all floors to ensure a quality clean
  • Clean Baseboards


  • Clean/disinfect/sanitize all countertops and dispensers
  • Clean/disinfect/sanitize sinks & faucets
  • Clean/disinfect/sanitize toilet (shower, wall tiles if applicable)
  • Spot-free, streak-free cleaning of mirrors
  • Clean/disinfect all doors, frames, and windows (outside not included)
  • Clean/disinfect/sanitize all doorknobs, outlets, and light switches
  • Clean/disinfect all floors; Double sweep and double mop all floors to ensure a quality clean


  • ECO-FRIENDLY sanitizing, disinfecting, cleaning solutions: ADD-ON OPTION
  • Clean/disinfect all reachable vents and/or radiators: ADD-ON OPTION
  • Clean/disinfect all reachable Ceiling Fans: ADD-ON OPTION
  • Windows: ADD-ON OPTION
  • Laundry services available: ADD-ON OPTION (**coordinate specific details and instructions)

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