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Post Construction Cleaning

Had construction been done in your home? Have contractors gone and don't have time to clean because your hands are tied with the last-minute details or just don't know where to start with all that construction debris and dust everywhere? Don't stress, Merit Cleaning Services is the solution! Merit Cleaning Services offers post-construction cleaning and construction cleaning services! If you need us to do same-day or last-minute construction cleaning or if you are scheduling your construction cleaning in advance, no matter what we will handle the construction cleanup from your remodeling or additions to your home, so you don't have to! Post-construction house cleaning is one of our specialties at Merit Cleaning Services. We go above and beyond to make sure your recent home renovation doesn't turn into a post-construction haunting nightmare. Dust is something that will accumulate in every crevice, area, and the area nearby when you do construction in your home, residue from the demolition, sawing, drilling, spackling, painting, and others that comes with a remodeling or addition will wind up everywhere and we are here to deep cleaned and remove it all.

Doing renovations in your home should be an exciting time in your home and life and should not be any more stressful than it already can be dealing with contractors and construction. The aftermath of the construction could be a lot to handle on your own, hire the experts at Merit Cleaning Services and watch the contrition dust and debris disappear without lifting a finger, unless it to point and have us clean or male something disappears.

Have questions about our cleaning services? Give us a call at 833-34-MERIT / 833-346-3748 or shoot us an email at We are happy to answer all your questions. You can also schedule an appointment through our online booking system; you are in control of your appointment and can make changes anytime.

Health and Safety Measures

  • In-person visits
  • Free consultations over the phone
  • Social distancing enforced
  • Staff wears masks
  • Staff wear gloves
  • Contactless payments
  • ECO-FRIENDLY sanitizing, disinfecting, cleaning solutions: ADD-ON OPTION

Included in the Post Construction Clean-Up:

  • We will first help you assess your post-cleanup needs
  • Remove all debris that was left behind
  • We will ensure to use of the proper vacuums with HEPA filters and efficiency standards to prevent the redistribution of dust, and pollutants through the air
  • Double moping and wiping off the floor to ensure a quality clean
  • Dust and clean above the doors and over the molding
  • Cleaning surfaces and other exposed areas with special cloths before wiping down with a cleaning product and a damp cloth
  • Open all windows to air out as we clean and spray fragrance about the home
  • Detailing chandeliers and other intricate fixtures
  • Cleaning and dusting ceiling fans
  • Cleaning every exposed surface of dust, and leftover debris, including all woodwork such as baseboards and other areas.
  • Cleaning all windowsills and molding, including dusting of Venetian blinds
  • Cleaning all closet shelving and inside cabinets including removal of dust and wiping down.
  • Cleaning all metal fixtures
  • Wiping Down walls as needed
  • Cleaning all light fixtures and fans
  • Cleaning all appliances suffuses inside appliances.
  • All carpets get extra vacuuming attention to ensure the removal of odor and dirt
  • Cleaning linoleum, wood, and tile vacuuming, and mopping.

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